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  • Valentine's Day Dos and Don'ts

    Don’t let being single get you down.
    Do treat yourself to something special or get together with friends or family.
    Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, not about having a date.

    Don’t be too festive.
    Do keep it simple.
    Not everything needs to be heart-shaped or red. I once worked with a girl who thought it’d be a good idea to make her boyfriend homemade mac and cheese for Valentine’s Day dinner. Feeling it wasn’t festive enough, she added red dye to the cheese sauce. The resulting color was reminiscent of vomit. Her boyfriend was so repulsed, he refused to eat it.  

    Don’t break up with your significant other.
    Do remain friendly and wait a day or two out of courtesy.
    While honesty is the best policy, breaking up with someone on Valentine’s Day is kind of a heartless move. Unless you’re dealing with extenuating circumstances, you can realistically endure at least one more day together, right?

    Don’t attempt to prepare an elaborate meal.
    Do make something you’re familiar with or perform a dry run first.
    I learned this the hard way during my first Valentine’s day with my boyfriend. I attempted to make steak au poivre for the first time in an unfamiliar kitchen with faulty ventilation. The whole thing resulted in a smoke-filled house, tears, and oil burns on my wrist. By some miraculous twist of fate, the steak came out perfectly. Still, don’t risk it!

    Don’t get overwhelmed with material things.
    Do give gifts from the heart.
    Whether giving or receiving gifts, think outside the heart-shaped box. Gifts that have thought behind them always mean more.